Inclusion & Diversity

Haven as part of Bourne Leisure is on a journey to becoming a truly inclusive and diverse business where everyone is encouraged to bring their true selves to work.

Our Inclusion and Diversity Commitment
We will continue to celebrate and educate our teams in inclusion and diversity and encourage all team to share their great stories
We will work to understand how we create an environment to ensure we address our gender imbalance within our site senior leadership teams
We will create a more inclusive and innovate environment that welcomes a diverse team into our business, from across our locations to our Hemel Support office.
We need to fully understand the diversity of our guest profile through greater and more detailed insights
Introducing our Inclusion and Diversity Board

At Haven we are committed to nurturing a fully inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace where every one of our team feels like they really belong and can truly be themselves. To help achieve this we’ve established an Inclusion & Diversity board made up of our amazing team who will act as role models for their brands and look at ways to represent their communities.

Meet the Haven I&D Board Members
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Andy Wiles

Hi, I'm Andy Wiles, the Head of Food & Beverage at Greenacres, Cardigan View and Garrag Wen, all in a beautiful part of North Wales on Cardigan Bay!

I’m a Hull lad, Yorkshire born & bred, but have lived and worked all over the UK. My family are the most important people in my life, My mum & dad (in the picture) and my brother, his wife and my niece and nephew!

I’m very passionate about all aspects of Inclusion and Diversity, especially the LGBTQIA+ community, and I thrive on learning about other people's fights, struggles and achievements – and always willing to support wherever, or however I can, to make sure we are all treated as equals!

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Cally Hart

I am Cally Hart from Combe Haven. I have two daughters and a husband (who is totally outnumbered!) We love going on family days, making the most of our Merlin passes!  I am always the one holding the bags so they can all enjoy the fast rides.

Family time is really important to me and being able to give my girls opportunities to learn and grow. I am a qualified swim teacher and coach and love being in the water, it is definitely my happy place.

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Alfie Back 

Yes, I'm Alfie Back - This is me on night out. And, yes I’m dressed as a pumpkin. The reason this represents me isn’t because I love pumpkins, but because it shows a picture of me, happy, having fun, and just not caring so much about people’s perception of me. It’s also my personality all over- I’m often described as eccentric, a bit weird, and I am always mocking myself.

If you told the Alfie two years ago, that he will be happy, finally showing the world who he really is, confident, and always laughing- he would never have believed it - so this photo also counts as a message to my younger self- it gets better and you can be you! 

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Rachel Simkin

Hello, Rachel Simkin here and I have been in the business for 10 years and at three parks in that time. In my spare time I love watching and playing all sports, football being my favourite, having played semi-professional for seven years. I also have a huge love for animals. I have a chocolate Labrador called Dennis who is five and is about as crazy as I am. As you will see from my photo I love all types of animals, penguins being up there as one of my favourites. I am very excited to be part of such and incredible journey being part of the I&D board and hope to support the business in making some impactful changes for our team guest and owners.

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Hello, I'm Cain and I've had the pleasure of working for Bourne for since the beginning of 2020. I work within Haven as the Director of F&B.  I'm 46 years and live in South Wales, having spent the majority of my life living in Manchester. I am fortunate to have three young boys and a wonderful partner who teach me every day about the value of family, belonging and doing the right thing. As a dad, partner, son and leader I make mistakes every day and see life as one huge learning experience. We are all in this together. I feel privileged that I am in a leadership position that allows me to have impact and influence. I also feel a sense of responsibility that I use such influence to ensure that everyone within our organisation feels represented, has a voice and doesn’t feel left out. Ultimately, I am here to make a difference personally and professionally, adding value wherever I can.

We’re proud to be a Disability Confident Employer

This government backed scheme supports employers in creating access and opportunity to disabled people in the workplace. This status recognises us as having processes and systems in place whereby disabled candidates receive a fair chance in both application and throughout their work placement opportunities.


Our commitment as a Disability confident employer is to :

  • Positively challenge attitudes towards disability
  • Raise awareness and understanding of disability with our teams
  • Remove barriers to disables people and those with long term health conditions
  • Ensure disabled people can fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations
Celebrating Pride 2022 🏳️‍🌈
Meet our team who have taken part in the Ethnic Future Leaders Programme
The Ethnic Future Leaders Programme (EFL) aims to improve ethnic diversity in leadership through identifying and investing in existing high potential ethnic minorities employees and supporting their progression into more senior roles across Hospitality, Travel and Leisure and Retail.  Here’s how some of our team have benefited from the programme.
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Trisha Motah

“This has been a journey of self-discovery for me. The programme has forced me to self-reflect more than ever before. I have learnt so much from my peers and some amazing guest speakers, but my main learning has been the power of speaking to people within my business more openly about diversity”

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Uday Patel

“It has been a privilege to take part in the programme. The opportunity to network and share stories has been invaluable”

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Hawwa Dorrington

“I’ve learnt that its ok to be me. I’ve been struggling the last two years thinking that I wasn’t being true to my ethnicity but that’s not the case; my story is just different, and I can use my positive experiences to help make a change for others”

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