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Hello from the Haven Digital team! We are roughly 100 people creating incredible user experiences on our range of websites, apps, tools and systems all focused on one thing: giving our holidaymakers a great time with memories that last a lifetime.

Our team is made up of web and mobile engineers, devops specialists, designers, product managers, analysts, content creators and all the skillsets needed to ship quickly and create value. We work in a deeply collaborative and cross-functional way and every Digital team member is an integral part of one of our three cross-functional product tribes

We make the most of a modern tech stack to enable continuous delivery, flexibility and scale. We’re fans of React, Next, Node and TypeScript for web, are Flutter and Dart enthusiasts for mobile, put our trust in PostgreSQL, AWS and Kubernetes, and mix in Redis and ElasticSearch for lightning fast search and caching.

We are in growth mode, the Digital team is set to grow significantly over the next year or so to match and deliver on the digital-first business strategy.

We have 37 Haven holiday parks from Scotland to Cornwall, in stunning locations around the UK coast. For our 2.6 million guests, we’re a real breath of fresh air and we’re passionate about giving them a great time with memories that last a lifetime.

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